More than 8,000 screen printers, embroiderers, and garment decorators attend DAX every year. If you're not at DAX - they'll buy from somebody who is.

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Are you ready to do business?

We have three great DAX shows lined up for 2021 - and you need to be there! The nation is reopening and opportunity is back. Screen printers, embroidery professionals and other garment decorators are looking forward to seeing what is new and exciting to offer their customers. They are looking for new equipment and new products. They want to touch, feel, interact and get questions answered. In short - They want DAX.

Every day we are seeing new registrations, and fielding questions from veteran attendees and newcomers to the industry alike. We are seeing people from well outside our normal marketing area signing up, as well as returning registrations from our friends who have attended every show for decades. People in our industry are anxious to get together. They are tired of the limitations of visiting via social media and zoom meetings. They want to see you, and we know you want to see them too.

Apply for booth space today!