DAX 2017: Our Twentieth Year!

Ask anybody who exhibits at DAX - We deliver much more for your trade show dollar. Click the video below to hear it from your friends.

Exhibiting at a trade show is supposed to be a painless and profitable way to get your product in front of qualified customers. If that hasn't been your experience, you're exhibiting at the wrong shows.

At a DAX show, you'll meet thousands of qualified buyers, enjoy a hassle-free environment, and pay less than half as much as competing shows charge. Call Scott or Margie at (218) 326-0890 and ask us how we can help you find the most cost-effective solution to your marketing problems. Or better yet - talk to anybody who exhibits at DAX, we know they will tell you it's their favorite show.

Apply for booth space today!

All DAX Shows Feature:

  • Free Exhibitor Lunch*
  • Carpeted exhibit halls
  • Free WiFi in exhibit halls
  • No Labor Requirements
  • Reasonable Freight Costs
  • Free Parking
* 2 box lunches are provided per booth / per show day.